The Kentucky Fusion All Digital Network

Princeton Ham Radio Club

The Kentucky Fusion All Digital Network

The Kentucky All Digital Network, was created for the purpose of sharing information about Wires-X and Fusion repeater networks across the state of Kentucky and surrounding areas. The Wires-X room used for this group is the PRINCETONKY Room #40806. We convene a net every Saturday night at 7:00 PM CST – 8:00 PM EST, and encourage all amateur operators to check-in. The PRINCETONKY Wires-X room, was established by the Princeton Ham Radio Club W4KBL. The PHRC graciously allows the KFADN to hold our Saturday night net on the room. We are guest in the room, so please be courteous to all operators and equipment that is connected. During net times the W4IOD repeater system is linked into the room, which allows use of the YSF Reflector US KENTUCKY WXGC #40806, Echolink connection W4IOD-R #226113 for net check-in and communications. Use of these connections, require that you follow some very special instructions. When connecting to the YSF Reflector for communication into the PRINCETONKY room, please DO NOT use the Wires-X connection button on your radio while connected. When talking through the Wires-X system, YSF Reflector, and the Echolink connections, please DO NOT quick key the mic PTT when communicating to the system. During the net, we generally have 30+ nodes connected to the room and short keying of the mic can cause unnecessary wear and tear on repeaters, node radios, YSF reflector links, and echo link connections. Please allow 2-3 seconds after keying the PTT on your mic before speaking. When your transmission is complete, allow another 2-3 seconds before releasing the PTT on your mic. This will insure that your communication or check-in makes it through the system, and to all connected nodes. We look forward to hearing from you on the net! 73 from The Kentucky Fusion All Digital Network Team

KFADN Live Log On Netlogger

The Kentucky Fusion All Digital Network utilizes Netlogger online log during net operation. Follow the link and download the program to your PC. Once setup is complete, press the Select Net button, choose The Kentucky Fusion Digital Net from the list, then press the Monitor Net button at the bottom of the net list. Once connected to the live log you can press the View Monitors button to see other stations that are watching the live log. Press the AIM (Almost Instant Message) button to bring up the AIM chat window. Check-ins information can be relayed in, requested to be changed during net using the AIM.

The PRINCETONKY Wires-X Room #40806

The PRINCETONKY Wires-X room #40806 is provided by the Princeton Kentucky Ham Radio Club W4KBL. The room is connected to the club owned UHF repeater, located in Princeton, KY at the Princeton Vocational School. Repeater frequence is 444.175 C4FM digital mode with Wires-X link. The repeater is setup for multi mode operation and has a PL Tone 123.0 for FM analog use.

The KFADN Team

Net Control Station K4KMW-Kyle

Net Logging Station W4IOD-Odis

Tech Talk & Info Updates N4HZX-Tom

Facebook Admin W4WWS-Steve

NCS Alternate KK4OVW-Randy

YSF Reflector US Kentucky WXGC #40806

The Kentucky Fusion All Digital Network net, uses YSF Reflector US Kentucky WXGC #40806 during net for check-ins, and communications. This link is provided by the W4IOD Repeater System located in Stamping Ground, Kentucky. W4IOD, Odis is apart of the KFADN Team, and provides these linked connections for use during the net and other times throughout the week for the PRINCETONKY room. Please follow the listed instructions for use of these connections when communicating into the W4IOD Repeater System.

YSF Reflector Dashboard US KENTUCKY WXGC

Echolink W4IOD-R #226113

The W4IOD Repeater system also has an Echolink connection that can utilized as a point of connection into the PRINCETONKY room during net listed as Echolink W4IOD-R #226113. Please follow the listed instruction for use of these connections, when communicating into the W4IOD Repeater System.

Ham Radio Nets the KFADN Supports

  • Kentucky Emergency Net, Monday 7:30PM EST – 6:30PM CST, 3.972.500 LSB Voice, NCS operator W8QAS-Roy, Relay stations on DMR Talk Group 31211 (Kentucky ARES), D-Star Reflector 56 Alpha, W4IOD Repeater System 442.100 C4FM, W4IOD Wires-X room #43114, YSF Reflector US KENTUCKY WXGC #40806, Echolink W4IOD-R #226113, Paducah KD4DVI-R 147.120 C4FM with Wires-X. Netlogger program is utilized for online logging.
  • Kentucky D-Star Net, Thursday 7:00PM EST – 6:00PM CST, Reflector 56 Bravo with Echolink connection KY4RW-L, NCS operator NN4H-Larry.
  • Kentucky DMR Net, Thursday 8:00PM EST – 7:00PM CST, Talk Group 3121, NCS operator W4TOY-Art.
  • Bakken Amateur Radio Society (MNWis) Technical Net, Monday 7:30PM CT, Wires-X room #21493, FCS Reflector 003-23, YSF Reflector US MNWis #21493.
  • Ohio Link Check In and Information Net, Sunday 8:30PM ET – 7:30PM CT, Wires-X room #40557, DMR Talk Group 31399, YSF Reflector #48038
  • Tri-Cities/Mountain Empire Net, Tuesday 9:30PM ET – 8:30PM CT, Wires-X room #61243, back up Wires-X room #40843.
  • Tennessee Digital Amateur Radio Group Net, Wednesday 7:30PM ET – 6:30PM CT, South East Link Wires-X room #43389, YSF Reflector #95984
  • Illinois Link Net, Thursday 8:00PM CT, Wires-X room #21565, P25 #31171, NXDN 31171, DMR 31171, D-Star XLX334G, D-Star DCS334Gm D-Star XRF334G, YSF Illinois Link.