Princeton Ham Radio Club



Princeton Ham Radio Club

The Princeton Ham Radio Club meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Hardees in Princeton at 11:00 AM. We would be pleased and encourage you to come and attend our meetings.

The Princeton Ham Radio Club Net is Tuesday Nights at 7:00 PM on 145.230 PL Tone of 179.9HZ We would like to invite you to use the PHRC repeater when in our area. The repeater is located just west of Princeton. We have  2 UHF repeaters 444.175 PL Tone of 123.0 which is located at the Princeton Vocational School and our new repeater in Cadiz 442.825 with a 123 PL tone.

Princeton is located in Western Kentucky, exits 71, 79 and 81 off of I-69 Parkway

A few things we do

Club meets every 3rd Tuesday at Hardee’s @ 11:00am


The club owns and operates 3 repeaters. The VHF frequency is 145.230 with a PL tone of 179.9 and UHF’s are 444.175 With a PL Tone of 123 and is in Princeton, and 442.825 with a 123 PL tone which is located in Cadiz. All of our repeaters are Fusion in the automatic mode and the 444.175 is Wires-X and room number is 40806.


Tuesday at 7:00 PM we have a net on the VHF 145.230 repeater everyone is welcomed and encouraged to check in.

Every Saturday at 7:00 PM we participate in the “KY Fusion All Digital Net” which is hosted in our room 40806 you can use our UHF 444.175 repeater or any repeater/node that has a Wires-x connection. Just have it connected to our room (#40806) everyone is encouraged to check in.


The “Out to Lunch Bunch” is a group from the club that meets every Tuesday at Hardees at 11:00 and we have a good time talking about anything and everything, anyone is welcomed


This is an annual event sponsored by ARRL (American Radio Relay League) where clubs from all over the country set up their equipment in a remote area such as a park. The purpose is to demonstrate the ability of ham radio to set up in any situation and communicate.


Every Christmas season the club has a fellowship dinner and just a fun get together.

VE Testing

VE Testing returns on a

monthly schedule for Princeton, KY area  

Walk-ins are welcome. Tests for your entry level HAM license, or upgrades to your current license, will be given at the EOC meeting room, on the THIRD Saturday of each month. The EOC is located behind Heaton’s BBQ, just off I-69 at exit 79. Testing begins at 10:00 AM. Any questions regarding the testing program may be directed to Raymond Giannini, or Mike Taylor, 


Well, I thought when September was over, the heat would be, too. Oops! The weather people say cooler temps are coming. That really sounds good to me. The October calendar has lots to do for the PHRC and friends. Let’s have a look. The Vette City Hamfest is this coming weekend in Bowling Green. Doors open at 8:30 on Saturday. Lots to give away and a Grand Prize of a $1000 GS from Ham Radio Outlet. That on it’s own is reason enough to make the trip. Hope to see you there……..Howl at the Hunter’s Moon on the 13th and celebrate Columbus Day on the 14th……And then, on the 19th, we present our Fun Fall Family Fish Fry and Pot Luck Picnic in the Park. My fingers are crossed for no rain or wind this year. Please bring a covered dish or dessert. We will do the fish, fries, and pups. Come early and lend a hand. We will try to eat around 3:00. You can stay late and lend another hand with the clean up and take down, too. …..Our business meeting will be on the 15th at Hardee’s. Consideration is being given to meeting quarterly in the evening. Let a club officer know how you feel about that……..Stock up for goodies for the ghosts and goblins. They will band together for their rampage on the 31st. I’ll go ahead and say it. Trick or Treat, Y’all. Have a great month and come see us at Hardee’s on Tuesdays. ……73………N4MHT……..And one more thing. The VE Test Session may be held at the Park on the 19th, as well. The time would remain the same. 10:00AM……