PHRC December Calendar

All rightie then, Boys and Girls, Here comes Santa Claus. But, here comes winter, too, and that long hibernation till spring thaw. Fun things to do will see us through, like the club Christmas Dinner at Majestic Steak House on Friday the 9th at 6:00. The buffet opens at 6, so try to get there early to get the good seats close to the line. The Christmas Dinner will also serve as the monthly club meeting. Check out the Out to Lunch Bunch at Hardee's on Tuesdays between 10 and 12. Tall boots are not mandatory, but do come in handy. Always some leg pullin' and chain rattlin' goin' on with this crew. We also come to the end of 2016 and begin another adventure in 2017. Good luck and good health are my wishes for you and your family. Hope to see you and your crew at the big get together on the 9th..........73, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.........N4MHT.........



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How The Princeton Ham Radio Club Started

In 1977 the "Princeton Amateur Radio Society" began.  It is now "Princeton Ham Radio Club" The club has gone through many changes during this time and is now a growing group.  W4KBL was the callsign of James L. Linton (SK), a respected ham and Elmer to many in this area. We are honored to have his call as Princeton Ham Radio Club's own. Our repeater is located close to Hwy 62 and the Caldwell Co., Lyon Co. line. Our VHF repeater transmits on 145.23 MHz and a tone of 179.9 Hz. We have added a new UHF repeater and is located at the Princeton Vocational School, 444.175 with a PL of 123. All who are licensed are welcomed to use them.
  We have several activities including: volunteer testing , ham classes, service to our community where ever it is needed, programs within the club to further learning and training
Club Officers


 James (TY) Englebright, N4TYE

Vice President
  John Rice, KK4YKM
Benny Holt, KK4ZMT


John Miller AK4FN