HAMSTUDY.org I highly recommend using HamStudy.org it is a simple site to navagte. First thing make a log in/register to the site, as it will keep track of the question you have seen. I would start by using the "Read Questions" it will show all the questions and highlight the correct answer. I would try not to look at any of the wrong answers, they have a bad habit of sticking in your head! Once you do that, jump over to the 'Study Flash Cards' you can go with the default random mix or study one element at a time. You can do that in the upper left corner with the little drop down menu. (see below) 

One of the nice features is in the top right corner of the question you can get additional information that can help you. They also have some great tips Hamstudy.org/Study tips





Technician License (2014-2018) 

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Amateur Extra License (2016-2020)


 Review Question Utility

  The way I studied for the test was to use flashcards to study each subelement individualy one a day or even take 2 days for a harder/longer subelement. 

Just read through the flashcards, I would only have it show the correct answers. I wanted to get the correct answers stuck in my head.   

  After reading all the questions in the subelement  I would again do the flash cards but this time I would have it "check my answers", I also made sure to have checked "list missed questions".  Once you have made it all the way through the subelement it will list all your missed questions, I copied all them and then made a text document on my desktop named "missed questions" then pasted them into that text document, you will be able to make a test just with your missed questions. We will come back to missed questions. Now I would do "view missed questions" which will only ask your missed question and do this until you get them all right. This is where I would stop for the day.

The 2nd day I would take the flash card test again and have it list my missed questions again, and keep them in the text document that you made. When you pass the test with an 85/90 percent move on to the next subelement and just do the same steps as you did the day before with your new subelement. 

When you have gone through all the subbelements you can build a test just using the questions you missed. Just copy from the text document you made into this page http://ars.nc4fb.org/exam-review-question-utility-1.html





 After you have done all the subelement tests and the missed questions test you can take practice test on this page http://ars.nc4fb.org/exam-selection.html It has the feel of the real test you will be taking soon hopefully. If you followed these instructions you should have no problem passing. Good Luck. AK4FN