Club Activities


  • Club meets every 3rd Tuesday at Hardee's @ 11:00am

  • Repeater:  The club owns and operates 2 repeaters.  The frequency is 145.230 with a PL tone of 179.9 and 444.175 With a PL Tone of 123.


  • Every Tuesday at 7:00 PM we have a net on the VHF 145.230 repeater everyone is welcomed and encouraged to check in.  


  • Every Saturday at 7:00 PM we participate in the "KY Fusion All Digital Net"  which is hosted in our room 40806 you can use our UHF 444.175 repeater or any repeater/node that has a Wires-x connection. Just have it connected to our room (#40806) everyone is encouraged to check in.


  • The "Out to Lunch Bunch" is a group from the club that meets every Tuesday at Hardies at 11:00 and we have a good time talking about anything and everything, anyone is welcomed



  • Black Patch:  This is an event held every year in Princeton with a big celebration consisting of a parade and booths.


  • Field Days:  This is an anual evert sponsored by ARRL (American Radio Relay League) where clubs from all over the country setup their equipment in a remote area such as a park. The purpose is to demonstrate the ability of ham radio to setup in any situation and communicate.


  • Christmas Party:  Every Christmas season the club has a fellowship dinner and just a fun get together.