In looking over the very interesting ham site under construction by John Miller, I decided to call an "old Ham" to see if we could come up with more information. I called Lester Cartwright and asked how he became interested and he said that in 1937 when he was running a radio repair shop, he was working on an all band receiver and picked up Ham Radio operations helping with flood work in Louisville. He said that Joe Morrison was the first licensed ham in this area. Joe had only a number at first, but then later received the W9CMK call. Harold Crider WK9MYS with a Fredonia Address, was the second local area ham. Jim Shrewsbury who taught electro Physics at Burler High School for 2 or 3 years required that all class members pass the FCC ham radio test in order to receive a grade. He was able to provide 52 Hams locally. Shrewsbury had gone to a radio school in California and became a licensed operator for River traffic. He also worked on radios in a South Jefferson Shop. Carrwright did the block work for that building. Sonny Lester helped form a Ham radio club that met in the Bulter high Auditorium in the early days.
Leslie Goodaker, W4TYB went to Coyne Electrical school in Chicago and passed his FCC 1st Class commercial license and his advanced Ham Radio examinations the same day. He went house to house repairing radios in Princeton and then worked as announcer and chief engineer at WOMI in Owensboro, He remembered announcing the attack on Pearl Harbor, and D Day. He returned to home in Princeton to build WPKY AM which went on the air March 15, 1950. WPKY FM was added April 1, 1969. Princeton Broadcasting Company was sold in November 1993.

                                                    Written by Twyman Boren