I was looking for interesting web links for w4kbl.org when I ran across 'Linux in the HAM shack'! I have listen to the first couple 'podcast' they are keeping it pretty simple so far, just going over some of the basics, while keeping it entertaining. The two Hams are K5TUX and KB5JBV they are keeping it geared towards people new to Linux or haven't tried it as of yet. They are going over the basics about some of the reasons to use Linux, which distribution's they will be using and covering, how to try Linux without effecting your Windows install, which is called a 'LiveCD' meaning that it runs totally from the Cd, so you can try it out and get your feet wet, with no fear of it effecting your Windows operating system. A couple of the many of all the great features and reasons to use Linux, is that all the software including the operating system is free. Another great feature of Linux, is that it can put new life into one of your old computers, so you will not have to steal the xyl's computer to be able to have a computer in the shack!

Looking at the show notes they will be going over QSO logging software, DX clustering, satellite tracking, slow-scan-tv, PSK31, packet radio, and many more modes and rig control. They seem to be keeping it very simple, just talking about topic's in general and not going into the details to much all while keeping it very interesting for anyone to listen to. I recommend giving this a listen to if you have a old computer that you have been wanting to use in the shack, or trying out some new software. KC8DAX