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American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources
The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.
  • Radio Club of Chile Supporting Communications During Pope’s Visit

    The Radio Club of Chile (CE3AA) and its Emergency Service are supporting communications for the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security during Pope Francis’ visit to Chile. Commemorative call sign XR18PAX will be on the air on SSB; XR3PAX on digital modes.

    A special QSL card will be available for HF contacts. QSL to Radio Club de Chile, CE3AA, Papa Francisc...

  • Past ARRL Great Lakes Division Director Jim Weaver, K8JE, SK

    Past ARRL Great Lakes Division Director Jim Weaver, K8JE (ex-WA8COA), of Mason, Ohio, died on January 14. An ARRL Life Member, he was 82. Weaver served as ARRL Great Lakes Division Director for 11 years, from 2003 until 2014, and he was a regular presence at Hamvention® and ARRL EXPO and moderated the ARRL Forum.

    During his time on The ARRL Board of Directors, Weaver served on the Administratio...

  • A Note to Members from ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR

    In the last few weeks, the ARRL’s Board of Directors has been the subject of an organized misinformation campaign. It is being orchestrated by a group of hams, some of whom are well-intentioned but have been misled. This effort, which consists of a series of mischaracterizations, initially dealt with (1) the ARRL Board’s censure of an ARRL Director, and (2) some proposed revisions to ARRL’s Art...


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News, Opinion, Giveaways, and more for Ham Radio Operators
  • M328 LCR-T4 an updated version of M328 LCR Transistor tester.

    I wrote about the original M328 Chinese kit sometime ago, which I had to build to prove to myself that VK3YE's capacitance offset error problem was a calibration error:

    However there is now a newer pre built SMD version (M328 LCR-T4) which came into my hands recently, all that you have to do is kit it together with a prebuilt case  and a 9V battery NO SOLDERING: (Cost less than £8 inc case inc delivery).

    This version has the advantage of being ready built with ZIF skt, and supports a better LCD full sized display!

    I like this for it's ability to identify "any" transistor, or diode, you seem to throw at it.  Displaying the gain figures of, and whatever way around the device is plugged into the ZIF socket, it has the ability to identify the pin out configuration, and if it is PNP or NPN, or even a FET. so you do not have to keep getting the semiconductor book out or downloading the data sheet for the pin data.

    I thought this version was so good! I got G4WIF of the GQRP club recently to include it into the new Tribal Knowledge - Test Equipment document here
  • AmateurLogic 113: IR CAD Weather Meter
    AmateurLogic.TV Episode 113 is now available for download. Peter experiments with infrared remote control. Tommy fiddles with Tinkercad. Emile becomes an amateur weather scientist. George tests a variety of components with an ohmmeter. 1:22:57 Downloa...
  • Amateur Radio Weekly – Issue 189
    Fox-1D launched, initial telemetry received Initial telemetry values appear nominal. AMSAT Ham Radio 360: FaradayRF – Open Source Digital Radio We pull back the veil and get a glimpse of the future… “Challenging the notion of making a contact.” Ham Radio 360 ARRL revises changes to Articles of Association and By-Laws The ARRL Executive Committee […]
  • LHS Episode #202: The Weekender

    Welcome to the first edition of LHS "The Weekender." We will be recording these every other Thursday night. They are a round-table done on Mumble wherein we talk about stuff that interests us, recommendations on fun things to do for the weekend: Stuff to do, stuff to eat, stuff to drink. Lots of stuff. You're [...]

  • The Icom 7610 is here!!
    The long awaited Icom 7610 is now available, the spec's on this rig are very impressive. I would say that for all this rig offers it is priced VERY COMPETITIVELY! I won't list the spec's just provide this link that gives you the run down........see wha...
    The following open letter to the ARRL Board of Directors and Leadership is in concert with many others coming from current members in response to the activities occurring at the ARRL Leadership level. To join in and voice your thoughts, please visit: (More information is found after the following open letter)   To: All ARRL […]


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